Zigbee Alliance

Project Overview

With demand for IoT products and services increasing, the Zigbee Alliance was experiencing accelerated adoption of its standards. To better serve its extensive, diverse membership (from tech giants like Amazon to garage startups), the Alliance engaged IXP to review and reimagine their member service delivery model.

What We Did

IXP provided expert evaluation and recommendations for the service delivery model across target verticals. The new vision was showcased through a compelling set of visuals that could be presented across audiences from executives to prospective members. A summary of services provided is listed below: 

  • Conducted expert assessment of current Service Delivery Model 
  • Reimagined service delivery lifecycle flow 
  • Designed Target Service Delivery Map 
  • Created presentation to highlight offering deltas and showcase improvements 

Informed XP’s efforts enabled leadership to successfully communicate the new model and secure approvals. The outputs provided have also become invaluable as a guide for program implementation.