Usability Testing

Know what users really think and act on it


Usability Testing evaluates how real people experience a site. It answers questions such as: Does the site work as intended? Can users accomplish what they need to? Are they satisfied? What are their perceptions of the experience?

Seeing what and why users do what they do produces insights that impact your bottom line. Done early – usability testing can guide and justify direction. Done in between – it can uncover issues and decrease the risk of unforeseen problems and rework. Done at the end and beyond – it can ensure a smoother launch and create a benchmark from which to measure and continuously improve.

Remote, customized testing for 5 – 21 (or more) users. Here’s how it works: you tell us what you need, we create the test plan, you approve it, we run and analyze the test, we deliver your report as a PDF file.

Test types available: